So, you need an accountant. There are hundreds out there, so how do you choose the right one for you? 
As a small business owner myself, I hold great value in working with people. 
I like to give business to people and put trust in people who hold similar values to me, and who understand my needs and pains. 
So, when looking for an accountant, doesn't it make sense to choose somebody who is not just a number cruncher, but who runs a business themselves? 
A fellow business owner knows the sleepless nights. They understand the long hours and fluctuating stress levels. They will have been through the start-up phase, through the growing pains and pushed themselves through business growth. 
They’ll have experienced all the highs and lows, the peaks and troughs, and have gone through the tears – both happy and sad. 
They just get it. 
They will know what it’s like to wear multiple hats. Owner. HR manager. Cleaner. Bookkeeper. Administrator. Marketing manager. Fire-fighter. Complaints manager. 
The list goes on. 
They know about the ever-complicated world of business insurance. The struggles of landing that first client. How to get customers to pay. The awkwardness of chasing invoices. The pains – and excitement – of taking on that first employee. 
So, before you look towards a large firm, consider whether the staff will understand your pains – and whether they will understand your happiness when the seemingly little things go well. 
Will they help pick you up and cheer you on when you’re struggling? Celebrate with you when you’re succeeding? 
I grew up helping my parents with their business. I helped with invoicing, admin and customer contact. I experienced the ups and downs of being self-employed first-hand from a young age. 
Setting up Effective Accounting at the age of 23 was a huge decision. I worked one full time and another part time job while I was getting my firm on its feet. I’m not sure how I ever managed to sleep! I also own a business supporting Estate Agents and am also a buy-to-let owner via a limited company. 
Seriously – I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. 

We take our values seriously 

At Effective Accounting, we take our values seriously: family, pride, expertise, trust and honesty. 
We started as a family business, and we aim to always retain that family element even as we grow in size. Our team may grow but we will always be a family business at heart. We use our understanding of family businesses to ensure the numbers work for our clients and their own families, we are often complimented on how approachable and friendly we are, while always being professional. 
We are proud of who we are as a company and what we do for our clients, and take great pride in our work. When a client makes a progressive step that we’ve helped with – such as taking on their first employee or investing in their first property – we feel incredibly proud of them, and we hope our clients do too. 
As one of the only fully digital accountancy firms in the UK, the team at Effective Accounting is recognised as one of the authorities in our field, and we continuously build upon this as we grow and expand. Our expert knowledge combined with each team member’s diverse area of experience makes the perfect blend to achieve results for our clients. Despite being leaders in our field, we are committed to learning and progressing, and always want to be one step ahead of the rest. 
Our clients trust us to deliver results that will benefit them the most, and we trust our employees to do their utmost to continually learn, grow and develop in order for this to happen. 
Finally, we come to honesty. We place great emphasis on building an honest, open working environment that our clients have confidence in. We steer a culture that combines transparency, accountability and responsibility, and the genuine belief that we accept and deliver nothing but the highest standards. 
Can you really think of a better candidate to be your accountant? 
Surely worth a chat, don't you think? 

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat 

There's no hard sell. That's just not us. If we don't think we're the right accountants for you, we'll tell you - and can recommend you to a well-suited firm from our trusted network of contacts. 
Book a call with me here, or send an email to the team and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 
Written by 
Nicola J Sorrell 
- Effective Accounting 
Founder | Xero Champion | IR35 Expert 
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"I couldn't recommend them highly enough and will continue to use them for Spiral Static and all future ventures!" 
Matt Badley | Spiral Static 
"I have found their help in modernising my accounts invaluable and would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat." 
Matthew Finch | Trailer Aid Ltd 
"The whole team at effective accounting are exceptional."  
Jennifer Duthie | Skribbies Ltd 
"Nicola is one of the most adept and accessible accountants that I have ever had the pleasure of working with." 
Carter Stewart | Transworld Consulting Ltd 
"Choosing Effective Accountants has been one of the best decisions we made when we started our company."  
Matthias Geeroms | OTA Insight Ltd 
"Nicola and the team have proven to be extremely professional, efficient and always on hand to answer any questions I have (and I have a lot!)." 
Emily Hodges | EM Hodges Ltd 
"I find the service to be prompt, professional and friendly." 
Simon Weightman | Mercury TS Ltd 
"They are quick to respond and are always ahead of the curve for us. Keep it up and thank you." 
Freda McMahon | Lobster Noodle Ltd 
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