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This major piece of legislation hits us in April – and there’s no doubt it’s going to come around quicker than you know. 
Is it more tax efficient to buy-to-let through a limited company? 
Brexit will no doubt affect everybody, from sole traders and small businesses, contractors and landlords to large corporations and the UK economy as a whole. But what do we actually know? 
From 6 April 2019 minimum pension auto-enrolment contributions will increase from 5% (2% employer, 3% employee), to 8% (3% employer, 5% employee). Make sure you are aware of the change and we recommend advising your employees. 
Should you buy a car through your limited company? Is it better from a tax saving point of view? Or should you just stick to a personal purchase and claim business mileage expenses? 
The Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his Autumn Budget speech, a little earlier than in previous years, on 29 October 2018, at 3.30pm. The key points for freelancers, contractors and small business are set out below. 
When starting out on your contracting or small business journey, you need to put the right insurance in place. Having the right insurance in place helps protect you, your business and your clients. Of course, this may all be new to you, so here I have covered the most common business insurances and what they are for. 
VAT is a tax that all of us pay regularly, as it is added to most day-to-day goods, but it is only when you are in business do you need to know more about this Value Added Tax. Here we cover the basics for you. 
One of the recurring topics I discuss with clients is business clothing – what can you claim, what can’t you claim and why. As a business owner, contractor or freelancer, it is of course important to be smartly dressed and give a great impression to your clients and customers – but unfortunately that doesn’t mean it can be claimed as a business expense. 
I am often asked by clients if they can add their wife, husband, partner, mother, father (even aunt or uncle) as a director to pay them dividends from their limited company. As ever, the answer is….it depends! 
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