When you work with us, our fully-managed bookkeeping service is at the heart of all that we do. Accurate bookkeeping enables us to deliver the best possible service to you in terms of proactivity, tax efficiency and speed. 

All you have to do is set-up a bank feed, use Xero for your invoicing, upload your receipts to Dext and we will take care of the rest - oh, and collaborate with us (that's really important)! 


Bank Feed 

Set-up and maintain a bank feed on Xero. 
When? On initial set-up (and you may need to refresh the feed periodically to comply with your bank security requirements). 
Why? Your company bank account forms the basis of your bookkeeping. This shows us all money in and out of the business.  
Prefer a set of written step-by-step instructions? - see here
Tip: Pay for all business expenses using your business bank account (this makes our lives and yours much easier, trust us!) 


Create and send your sales invoices to your customers in Xero. 
When? Every time you invoice your customer. 
Why? Professional invoices created easily and efficiently and emailed directly to your client as a PDF. You can set-up the Xero App for invoicing on the go. Access to invoicing is provided as part of your support package with us (so no extra cost to you). 
Prefer a set of written step-by-step instructions? - see here 
Prefer a set of written step-by-step instructions? - see here 


Upload (using the app or via email) all receipts and purchase invoices. 
When? In real-time - every time you buy something for the business, upload straight-away 
Why? So we can see what you’ve bought and when, and claim any valid VAT for you. Without a VALID receipt we cannot claim the VAT back for you. 
Prefer a set of written step-by-step instructions? - see here 
Tip: Upload your receipts in real-time - buy a coffee, snap and upload! 


Collaborate (one of our core values) with us, help us to help you! 
Respond to our information requests and queries promptly (we use Karbon to send you requests and automated reminders, so nothing gets forgotten and no deadlines are missed!) 
Tip: Keep in regular contact with your Client Manager. Book a Call with them if you need to discuss anything - it means they can be ready and prepared for your call. 

Bookkeeping is the KEY to all that we do. If we have good information from you (if you follow the above), we can produce great (accurate and meaningful) information for you - and fast! Delivering the very best personal service at all times 

What do we do with the info? 
Check every sales invoice to ensure the correct VAT treatment has been applied 
Check every purchase receipt/invoice to ensure it is a valid business purchase 
Transfer/publish every purchase receipt/invoice to Xero, ensuring the correct VAT is claimed and the correct category used for maximum tax efficiency 
Review each bank receipt and match it to the correct sales invoice 
Review each bank payment and match it to the correct purchase receipt/invoice 
And from this we can:- 
Prepare your VAT returns - and crucially, ensure you reclaim as much VAT as possible! (Think VAT efficiency!) 
Prepare your company annual accounts 
Calculate your Corporation Tax (ensuring optimum tax efficiency, of course!) and prepare the Corporation Tax Return 
Calculate your Personal Tax and prepare your Personal Tax Return 
Provide accurate and meaningful advice and ad-hoc reports throughout the year 
"I couldn't recommend them highly enough and will continue to use them for Spiral Static and all future ventures!" 
Matt Badley | Spiral Static 
"I have found their help in modernising my accounts invaluable and would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat." 
Matthew Finch | Trailer Aid Ltd 
"The whole team at effective accounting are exceptional."  
Jennifer Duthie | Skribbies Ltd 
"Nicola is one of the most adept and accessible accountants that I have ever had the pleasure of working with." 
Carter Stewart | Transworld Consulting Ltd 
"Choosing Effective Accountants has been one of the best decisions we made when we started our company."  
Matthias Geeroms | OTA Insight Ltd 
"Nicola and the team have proven to be extremely professional, efficient and always on hand to answer any questions I have (and I have a lot!)." 
Emily Hodges | EM Hodges Ltd 
"I find the service to be prompt, professional and friendly." 
Simon Weightman | Mercury TS Ltd 
"They are quick to respond and are always ahead of the curve for us. Keep it up and thank you." 
Freda McMahon | Lobster Noodle Ltd 
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